GPS asset tracking

With full visibility of your high-value assets, you can quickly locate project-critical equipment when needed. Track and analyze all your high-value assets with one powerful solution.


24/7 GPS Remote Asset Access

Besides knowing where your Assets are, Asset tracking software from Cellserv Tracking helps you understand how your assets are being used. Are you getting a good return on your investment, or are they sitting idle most of the day?

Tracking For All Assets

Be it a laptop, generator, excavator, container or trailer,  we  provide the perfect GPS tracker for your assets.

Improve Trailer Visibility and Utilization

Track and monitor your trailers on-site or in transit with location and movement history, utilization reports, preventative maintenance, theft recovery, and much more with our range of weatherproof and rugged trailer GPS trackers.

Flexible And Ultra-reliable

Track and protect valuable tools of all shapes and sizes with location and trip history, movement alerts, run hour monitoring, theft recovery, and more with our range of compact and concealable GPS tool tracking devices.

Track Location, Improve Utilization

Track and protect containers of all shapes and sizes with location and movement history, movement alerts, impact detection, and more with our range of long-life battery-powered container GPS trackers.