GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking utilises GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to provide businesses with a real-time location of your vehicles


Remote Vehicle access and Control

No more having to call your drivers to find out where your vehicles are. With cellsrv vehicle tracking, your vehicle’s speed, location & direction is captured automatically and stored securely in the cloud. View the exact location and driving history for all your vehicles 24/7 on phone and computer.


Cellserv Vehicle Tracking has been designed with business & security in mind

Stolen Vehicle response

Our stolen vehicle response services will assist the recovery team in locating a fleet vehicle when stolen, hi-jacked or missing.

High Risk Area Management

Our geo-fencing capabilities will enable you, by using our online software, to easily configure preferred areas, no-go areas and waypoints for your drivers to adhere to. Should they deviate from the route, we notify you immediately via sms, AVM, email or Voice Call.

Incident Alerts And Alarms

We alert you when detecting battery tampers, high g-force incident alarms or rollovers, and even when your vehicles approach a country’s border .Drivers can also raise an alarm through a remote or wired panic button.