Cellserv Fleet Management

Fleet management will give you insights into the number of kilometers driven, the trips taken, and the driving style of your employees.


Fleet Telematics 24/7 Everywhere Anywhere.

The system is easy to use for both drivers and fleet managers. It helps them to get to their destinations whilst cutting waste and boosting efficiency. Our fleet management solutions also help you to minimise admin time, by automating communication and reporting.

Manage Different Kinds of Vehicle Fleets.

It’s no secret that companies, corporations and organizations of all sorts rely on vehicle fleets to deliver products and services. This calls for proper monitoring  of vehicles, we provide a platfrom that enables you get real time vehicle location, monitor speed and much more

Why Manage Your Fleet

Get a handle on labour costs and cut down on overtime.

cellserv fleet management
Stop Aggressive Driving

Monitor speed and driving behaviour to reduce accidents, protect people and reduce insurance claims.

Efficient routing

Analyze service call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is spent. Optimize routes and dispatch efficiently

Prevent Unauthorized Use

Monitor vehicle activity to identify and prevent unauthorized or after-hours use. Set Geofence’s around restricted areas or set speed limits within assigned areas.

Cutting unnecessary journeys

Decrease wasteful idling, lower travel speeds, eliminate aggressive driving, lessen distances travelled, drive better-maintained vehicles all of which burn less fuel.