Cellserv Fuel Monitoring

Cellserv fuel monitoring is Designed to track real time fuel level, consumption, refilling  for trucks, stand by generators and fuels tanks  to optimize fuel efficiency and prevent drainage or fraudulent activities.


Precise Real – Time Fuel Monitoring System.

The system is easy to use for both drivers and fleet managers. It helps them to get to their destinations whilst cutting waste and boosting efficiency. Our fleet management solutions also help you to minimise admin time, by automating communication and reporting.

Prevent fuel thefts Monitor fuel Consumption.

Fuel costs increase fleet management expenses, therefore affecting operating costs and company’s profit in general.Having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase efficiency.

Fuel Monitoring and Control

Save big on operational costs and manage your fuel utility with ease

cellserv fleet management
Prevent Fuel Theft

Stay steps ahead from pilferage with the help of our fuel tracking device. Get instant alerts about fuel drainage and know your vehicle’s average fuel consumption.

Fuel Efficiency Reports

Get precise data about the complete fuel log of your vehicle. Obtain detailed reports about refuelling, draining and mileage with our fuel tank level sensor.

Identify Inefficient Assets

Identify which machine is not working properly/needs maintenance/or should be discarded/or declared scrap.

Fuel Wastage Detection

Fuel monitoring sensor to be mindful of fuel wastage by idling and adverse driving practices, and save big on fuel costs.