Fleet Management

Driver location is essential for vehicle fleet operators. Manage your vehicle fleet by knowing where your fleet is, where it’s been, and every activity in between. Reduce fuel expenses, unauthorized travel, travel speeds and eliminate aggressive driving.

GPS Asset Tracking

Cellserv Asset Tracking offers a complete real time view of your fleet status and vehicle locations. Cloud based tracking software allows effective and efficient management via phone and.


Monitoring and Reporting

The cellservtracking app provides detailed tracking reports. Whatever information you want  to look at, our user friendly tracking application will tell you hence  increasing fuel Efficiency, productivity, and  smiles on customers faces

Cellserv Vehicle Tracking

Cellserv vehicle Tracking through it’s partnerships is able to deliver fleet management products and services to different parts of Africa whilst utilizing  Worldwide tracking networks. Cellserv focuses on providing such services in South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

“Cellserv Vehicle Tracking   provides an opportunity for every car & Fleet  owners in Africa as a whole to enjoy peace of mind and confidence when it comes to their car’s location and security.”