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Cellserv Vehicle Tracking

Just imagine how knowing the driver behaviour of your clients could positively influence the way you do business, allowing you invaluable insight into who presents a greater risk, and who doesn’t. With Cellserv Vehicle Tracking, this power is now available to anyone in the insurance industry. By fitting your car with a small device; commonly known as a 'black box' that records speed patterns and distance travelled as well as the type of roads you are using, and when. This technology can also monitor braking and cornering to build up a picture of your/ client’s driving style.

Big Data Analytics is fast becoming the enabler to not only comprehensively understand the insurance business, but also to actively address both top line growth opportunities as well as bottom line risk and cost management challenges. Utilising an ecosystem of intelligent mechanisms, this offer has been developed with and for the insurance industry, giving you full access to the benefits of our extensive set of high frequency telematics data harvested from the vehicle and mobile device environments.


Rich contextual vehicle usage confirmation remains a key enabler to actuaries for the effective calculation of applicable and acceptable risk models. Better risk understanding, and more importantly monitoring and on-going management, directly leads to better growth and more effective responses to key focus areas in any operation.


As such, Cellserv’s effective and transparent driving behaviour data, analysis and monitoring solution enables insurers to gain mathematically sound insight into a driver’s driving behaviour at all times, while also providing a platform from which to launch all manner of value added services. So whether you’re an insurer, underwriter or other risk co-owner in the insurance industry, this is the telematics solution you’ve been looking for.


Cellserv Vehicle Tracking

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