Fuel Sensors

Cellserv Vehicle Tracking

Cellserv Fuel level sensor is designed for precise fuel level measuring in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks. The sensor can be used with any tracking device that supports digital interface RS-232, RS-485 and analogue.


Main Advantages

  • Higher precision fuel measurement due to high-resolution of the sensor, linearity, temperature stability.
  • Calibration table inside the sensor head. Allows transferring data directly in liters.

  • Galvanic isolation. Protects sensor head from power surges.

  • The Sensor has all required explosion proof certificates.

  • Monolithic construction. Extremely sturdy construction allows using ESx-H model in tough environments.

  •  The sensor with the length 75cm can be cut down up to 15cm. Non-standard length up to 2m.  

  • Any hack saw can be used to cut the probe.No need to sink the probe into the tank before the calibration;

cellserv fuel sensors
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  1. Please send me a quote for 20 x Fuel Level Sensors, Analog RS232 of 750mm?

    Door to doo delivery to 5 EROS ROAD, WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA.

    c/o NIEL LANGNER +264 81 302 4871

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