Fleet Management

Cellserv Vehicle Tracking

We give you full control of tracking, monitoring and management solutions through online resources, desktop software [installed on your local PC/ Laptop] and mobile solutions. Track multiple vehicles at once and know exactly who is driving which vehicle when, their speed, distance, trip duration, routes [from start to finish], where they have filled up with fuel [view locations through ‘Google maps and Street Views and set System Alarms and SMS/ Text Alerts for any drops in unwarranted fuel levels, predefined by you –

For example: If there is a 10% drop in unwarranted fuel levels, you will receive a System, Email or SMS/ Text Alert and you will know exactly who is in control of that vehicle at the time of the alert. Setting of System Alarms and SMS / Text Alerts will also allow you to determine when a vehicle moves position or enters or exits a pre-defined area. This allows you to act immediately wasting no time in determining the circumstances and finding resolve as soon as possible.

Other services under fleet management include;

  • Agricultural vehicles solutions
  • Construction & mining equipment solutions
  • Public transport solutions
  • Cold storage/temperature monitoring & control solutions
  • Car rental service provider solutions
  • Safari tours and travel vehicle solutions
  • Security service provider
  • Courier Service providers


Cellserv Vehicle Tracking

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  1. Awesome technology, this would be a very good system especially for Uganda with the increasing car and motorcycles theft rates currently

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